Forklift Training

Welcome to Indian Lifter’s Forklift Training Academy – (FTA). One of a premier Forklift Training Academy located in Pune - India. We provide comprehensive hands-on training to all the type of forklift operators. If you are an ‘Experienced Operator’ or have ‘Limited to No Forklift Experience’ we have a course designed for you.

Indian Lifter’s Training Aim

FTA’s aim is to provide Forklift Safety Training to all levels of forklift operators. i.e. Operators who are Experienced but does not have any training & also for Fresher / Beginner‘s in this field.

Key Features

At Forklift Training Academy we believe that Forklift Safety Training is extremely important and we pride ourselves on giving our students the most interactive training which gives our students to gain the knowledge and experience to operate forklifts trucks in the safest manner possible.
Forklift Training Academy offers a variety of training programs that are based on the International standards. Our students can expect to receive informative classroom learning accompanied with the most hands-on training available in the industry.
Forklift Training Academy also offers on-site training programs to accommodate the specific needs of the customer’s. Also customize special training programs are designed for specific requirements of the customer by studying & understanding their requirements and site details .

Benefits of Forklift Training

  • Training Potentially Saves Lives.
  • Improved Safety.
  • Reduces Accidents.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Enhanced Performance.
  • Reduces Damage of Equipment.
  • Lowers Vehicle Maintenance Cost.
  • Extended Equipment Life.
  • Reduce Downtime.