Indian Lifters Service System

There’s much more to service cost than just the price of a service call. The Indian Lifters Service System tracks multiple factors that impact the effectiveness of your service program. Technician response time, service and parts availability all have a direct impact on the productivity of your fleet.
Trust a service plan from a program design to help you succeed, the Indian Lifters Service System. From Time and Material plans to Complete Maintenance, an Indian Lifters service plan provides maximum performance.

Battery & Charger Service

There’s more to maximizing uptime than just maintaining your forklifts. Indian Lifter’s professional service technicians are also trained to service and maintain forklift batteries and chargers, providing a one stop shop to keep your fleet moving. Through a combination of visual inspection, battery cleaning and measurements for each cell, your Crown service technician can help extend the life of your batteries and chargers, and avoid unexpected repairs and downtime.

Indian Lifters Parts

Indian Lifters Parts are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure their performance and long-term value. Made with only the highest quality materials, our forklift parts often last two to three times longer than look-alike parts, helping to maximize your total cost of ownership.


  • Drive motors
  • Engine
  • Pump motors
  • Powers steering
  • Steer axles
  • Transmissions
  • Lift cylinders
  • Chains
  • Hoses
  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Electric panels
  • Battery testing and repairs
  • Charger repairs
  • Cables
  • Exhaust systems
  • Load wheels bearings


  • Painting
  • Engine Overhauling
  • Clutch Overhauling
  • Gear box Overhauling
  • Differential Overhauling
  • Break Overhauling
  • Mast Overhauling
  • Attachment Overhauling
  • Rear Axel Overhauling
  • Tyre Pressing
  • Steering System Overhauling
  • AC & DC Motor Overhauling
  • Painting
  • Breakdown Services
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Forklift Transport Services