Forklift Spare Parts



High inventory and huge selections of load/casters/drive wheels in various sizes for all applications.High inventory and huge selections of load/casters/drive wheels in various sizes for all applications.

Polyurethane Wheel

In polyurethane we provide various types & sizes of wheels which is suitable to your applications with durable poly load wheels.

Rubber Wheel Various types of rubber tyres & rims for imported & Indian vehicles

  • Press on Tyre
  • Cushion Tyres
  • Non Marking Tyres
  • Trolley Wheels
  • Rims For Tyres


  • Hoses
  • Vickers Control Volve
  • Volve line Control Volve
  • Hydro Control Volve
  • Vickers main pump
  • Dowty Hydraulic Pump
  • Steering Unit
  • Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Mast Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Filter

Transmission Parts

  • Inner Disc
  • Outer Disc
  • Torque Converter
  • Charging Pump
  • Piston Ring
  • Gears
  • Packing Sets
  • Bearing
  • Mounting Pad
  • Direction Switch
  • Control Cover
  • Special Oils
  • Filters
  • Universal Joints

Safety Parts

Forklift safety is extremely important! There are thousands of injuries each year caused by forklift accidents. The best solution often is equipping your lift trucks with safety alarms and warning lights. Indian Lifters carries a complete line of accessories and systems which can help your organization reduce forklift/pedestrian accidents.

  1. A horn is the best tool a driver can have to warn of oncoming traffic, warn pedestrians, and help pedestrians stay safe.

  2. Having better quality brighter forklift lights helps avoid accidents. Explore our range of LED lights which are often brighter than the lights you may have on your forklifts right now.
  3. Forklift mirrors improve visibility and help eliminate accidents! Tens of thousands of forklift accidents occur every year, and they can lead to injured employees, lost work time, and lost productivity. Make sure your workplace is a safe environment for your forklift operators and anyone else in forklift operation areas. Mirrors are a crucial element in maintaining visibility. Indian Forklift offers a wide array of various mirror models, made of various materials and with all kinds of reflective angles.

  2. Promote Worker & Pedestrian Safety! When the LED Safety Warning Spotlight assembly is mounted to a forklift or other moving vehicle, it projects bright blue spot beam pattern on the floor surface. Since multiple lights can be mounted onto a single fork lift truck, the warning light spots can be seen behind or in front of the forklift. The bright light spot on the floor is clearly visible to pedestrians, machines and vehicles in the area, regardless of the ambient noise, alerting them to the nearby presence of the forklift. Traditional audio back up alarms can blend into ambient noise in the building and pedestrians can become immune to the audio warning.
  2. Prevent Potential Hazardous Pedestrian and Personnel Accidents!
  3. The Forklift "Red Zone" Pedestrian Safety Warning Light provides a visual warning for warehouse personnel by projecting a bright red beam pattern onto the floor, on either sides of the forklift, helping to promote greater workplace safety. This red beam is a visual indicator of the safe distance workers should keep between themselves and the forklift. By staying outside of this perimeter, workers will avoid foot injury and collision from rear-end forklift swing.